Dighton Rehoboth Soccer Club

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DRSC Tryout Information

General Information:

The DRSC Tryout and selection process is to ensure that all players receive a fair opportunity to play on a team of their peers that possess similar game skills. Teams for each age group will be formed to maximize the opportunity for the players to play soccer in a competitive environment. The number of teams formed for each age group will be determined by the number of players and coaches available. The DRSC will try to field as many teams as possible.


  • The DRSC will hold tryouts in the Fall, and will consist of two tryouts for each age group and gender. The tryouts will be 60 minutes for each day.
  • Players are required to make at least one of the tryout sessions and are strongly encouraged to attend both of the sessions. If a player cannot make either of the tryout sessions please contact our Tryout Coordinator Brian Fernandez.
  • All players are required to register in advance at www.drstrikers.org
  • An important note, the performance at the tryouts will not be the only process used for evaluating and selecting players, each year the coaches are required to do player evaluations for the Spring Season. These evaluations are also used in the team selection process.
  • Information regarding a player's rating/ranking will not be shared with parents or other members of the communities.

Tryout Day:

  • Players are asked to check in 15 minutes before their scheduled time.
  • Players are to wear proper footwear, shin pads (covered by socks), and to bring the proper sized ball and water.
  • Players are asked not to wear their Striker's uniform if they are on current/past teams.
  • Parents are asked to refrain from cheering or coaching from the sidelines during the tryout.

Team Selections:

With the amount of players that tryout for the DRSC the club has a lot of data to enter and compile. The club will strive to have the evaluation packets completed within a week of the last tryout. Once the packets are completed the club will coordinate team selection nights with the approved coaches. The coaches will review the packets containing the tryout evaluations and the past season player evaluations to form the teams. Once all teams (club wide) are approved the coaches will begin notifying the players.

Open Registrations
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.